OCT. 2013.



Dalton formed the vision of the Bluenotecats musical act originally as Awesome Rebel in 1990 and began recording songs from original compositions in a concept album named GONE TO TWANGCITY. Awesome Rebel collectively remained together for a short time of one year. Then the band was disbanded. Dalton returned to his college career. In 1995 while studying Recording Engineering at SSU in Northern California, Dalton returned to recording the concept album with good friend Drummer John Urbach. A band was formed and the published album, which Dalton refers to as the “college project”, first edition was duplicated and issued as DALTONJERRY & THE BLUENOTECATS, GONE TO TWANGCITY. However, Dalton was still not convinced by the college project that it
was the “one” that he could be contented with. So Dalton after college reformed DALTONJERRY & THE BLUENOTECATS. That musical act consisted of Dalton and Mighty Mike Caceres with other backup musicians performing off and on with the duo. Dalton in that time frame 2000 to 2003 began work again on GONE TO TWANGCITY plus an additional array of new songs. Dalton auditioned Greg Gallup of Santa Rosa in 2002 for the band. A bright and very skilled drummer, Greg became the mainstay drummer for the musical act. Most importantly Greg and Dalton harmonized musically in traditional Rock N’ Roll and Rockabilly. With Mighty Mike blowing Blues and Swing Harp, Greg Gallup on drums and Dalton on guitar and vocals, DALTONJERRY & THE BLUENOTECATS were up and swinging joints in the SF Northbay. But, they did not have a Bassist that could cement the nucleus. Then surprisingly enough a PRODIGY BASSIST by the name of Djordje Stijepovic found his way into the US from Belgrade Serbia. Djordje soon proved to Dalton and Greg that he was the Bad Dog of Rockabilly Slap Bass. For every juke joint, bar and club they played the audiences would groove to the sound of these Kats. And when Djordje would take the audience down
into Slap Bass land as one fan said once, “it was like my mind came unglued to see someone play a big bass like that”. Djordje quickly became the quint essential third member of the trio that formed the nucleus. Mighty Mike left the group to pursue other passions and was sorely missed. However the band had formed down into a trio and continued to perform in the SF Northbay of California making one appearance in Southern California. Dalton who had been on the long road of his vision DALTONJERRY & THE BLUENOTECATS came to realize that it was no longer DALTON JERRY but just THE BLUENOTECATS and he announced to his bandmates that in the future of the band, or their futures separately it would always be THE BLUENOTECATS because the chemistry of these three musical artist’s had a very simple element, it was that of the most uncommon experience when talented musicians arrive together in a significant time and place, playing music, playing good music, playing very good music and entertaining audiences with excitement, fun and unforgettable moments.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Dalton frontman for the Bluenotecats has been away for sometime from the music and performance of the band. During his absence he has continued to write, compose, produce and record original music. With his time away from the trio he has taken recordings from the original GONE TO TWANGCITY with Drummer John Urbach, then recruited Greg Gallup and Djordje Stijepovich to work on the remixed concept album as a trio version. Additionally the band of musicians has recorded, mixed and engineered another solid album of Dalton’s original music with Greg and Djordje the trio that is well liked by fans . He stay’s constantly in production of the upcoming 2 release’s of the music by the BLUENOTECATS, this is an exciting time for all as the production draws closer to completion every day.

TODAY: While the 3 bandmates of the Bluenotecats venture into other music interests their sound and style of Traditional Rockabilly and Neo Rock N’ Roll are captured forever in their music that will soon be released to fans, friends, family and the public. So we have been working away putting together new music and will be inviting everybody to come to our PLEDGE MUSIC site to be apart of this up and coming release of new music. So stay in touch, keep tabs on the Bluenotecats for this exciting release and the cool rockin recordings of these three great Rockabilly Kats.